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Kala Jewels Workstation Jewelry Work Station at Kala Jewels
Kala jewels began three years ago as mother and daughter, Karen and Abigail Kaplan, started making their own jewelry. Friends and family of the duo noticed and fell in love with the homemade earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and soon Abby and Karen hosted their first home show to display and sell their creations. Driven by their success, the team began to take jewelry classes to improve their technique and turned their personal creations into a family business.

Using seed beads, glass and sometimes even plastic in the beginning, the Kala Jewels inventory grew along with their business. With each Gem and Jewelry show Karen and Abby attend, the quality and scope of their materials grows. Both mother and daughter are inspired and excited by the new stones they find, and this is reflected in the fresh, unique and ever changing collection of Kala Jewels.

In Rockville, Maryland, the Kaplan's have transformed their family room into a work station where the mother and daughter team create their necklaces, bracelets and earrings, occasionally accompanied by a good bottle of wine, and always surrounded by their many pets.

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